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Every Child Counts: STEM and Gifted Students
October 18, 2014 at Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon
Keynote Speaker: Susan G. Assouline:
Professor of the School of Psychology at the University of Iowa
and the Director of the University of Iowa Belin-Blank Center

OATAG Young Scholars Award
2014 Winner: Daniel Wenger of Vale, Oregon
For more information about Daniel see our Press release

 Oregon Speller Winners
The 2014 Oregon Statewide Spelling Championship was held at the Oregon State Fair on Saturday, August 30th.
 OATAG helps sponsor the event and provided judges
See 2014 Oregon Spellers Results for a complete list and pictures of the winners.
The current issue (Summer 2014) is available to 
OATAG Members Only (Table of Contents)
Articles, that because of length, would not fit in an issue of "A Different Drummer", last updated 02/08/2014
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The OATAG Mission Statement:

  • OATAG advocates for the needs of talented and gifted children;
  • serves as a resource for families, educators, and communities;
  • provides direction for excellence in education.

Do you know a child who exhibits these traits?

  • Has advanced oral and/or written language skills; expressive language
  • Makes unique connections; understands systems; see the "big picture"
  • Ask many questions; seek in-depth information
  • Is resourceful at finding unique solutions
  • Exhibits keen powers of observation; is highly sensitive and insightful
  • Has intense and sustained interests; transfers learning to new situations
  • Exhibits an early moral concern; is empathetic
  • Is nonconforming; risk-taking; independent
  • Has broad and varied interests; at times simultaneously
  • Makes non traditional responses and/or products

Then You May Know A Child Who Is Talented & Gifted

What Does It Mean To Be Identified As Talented And Gifted?

Purpose: TAG serves students who, when compared with others of their age/grade level, require learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum. TAG programs seek to provide an educational experience at the student's rate and level of learning.

Referral: Students may be referred for TAG identification and testing by a teacher, parent, or they may refer themselves. In addition, they may be automatically identified through standardized state test scores.

Identification: Oregon students qualify for TAG when they are in the top 3% on any nationally normed test of achievement or aptitude and there is additional evidence suggesting high ability. A committee in each building identifies students for TAG. Parents have a right to appeal this decision.

Programs and Services: The curriculum and instruction provided to identified TAG students must address their accelerated rate of learning and their advanced level of learning as determined by assessments.

For More Information contact your school's TAG Coordinator or psychologist or OATAG

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  The OATAG listserv aids in the statewide communication relating to Talented and Gifted issues in Oregon.  While we sponsor and moderate the message board, the post contained therein are written by individuals.  As such, the opinions and statements contained therein do not necessarily reflect the official position of OATAG.
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